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Greensboro Injury Lawyer
J. David Bartenfied
903 West Market Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401
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Do I need a lawyer?

Is there a time limit on my case?

Should I give the insurance company a recorded statement?

Should I sign a HIPPA authorization to allow the insurance company to collect my medical records?

Should I use my health insurance?

Should I use my Medicaid / Medicare?

Do I get extra damages if the at-fault driver was drunk?

When do I get paid?

Will my insurance premiums go up if I use my medical payment coverage on my auto policy?

Can I claim extra damages for permanent injuries?

Does the insurance company have lawyers working for them?

Can the insurance company represent me?

Should I meet with the insurance adjuster if they call me?

Should I sign a release for the insurance company?

When should I call a lawyer?

Will Bartenfield Injury Law come to me?

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End of case










You deserve to be treated fairly. You also deserve the maximum recovery possible.

Your claim is governed by a Statute of Limitations.

Anything you say can be used against you.

The insurance company will use a medical release to search your medical history in effort to deny your claim.

Health insurance should keep your bills out of collections before your claim is settled.

Medicaid / Medicare should keep your bills out of collections before your claim is settled.

You may be entitled to punitive damages if the at-fault driver is intoxicated.

The at-fault insurance company will make one lump sum payment at the end of your case.

A med-pay claim is not a fault based claim and will not increase your insurance rates.

Permanent injuries allow you to make a claim for future pain, medical expenses, etc.

The insurance company has MANY lawyers working for them. The insurance company’s goal is to minimize any payment to you.

Conflict of interest. You want to recover for all damages possible. The insurance company wants to pay you as little as possible.

The adjuster will try to get you to accept a small check to settle your claim before you can speak to an attorney to see what your claim may be worth.

Once you sign a bodily injury release, your claim for injuries is finished. No additional bills or damages will be considered.

Witnesses and evidence disappear. Call now to protect your rights.

We make home, hospital, and office visits anywhere in NC.

Automobile Accident Frequently Asked Questions